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Gyrls - Profil Picture by Thomas Lemoine


GYRLS is the project of Mike Theis. Musician / Producer based in Paris. Founder of the Yuk-Fü Records label with Thomas Lemoine.

He divides his time between the "PARIS" group of Nicolas Ker of which he is a member, the production of the Yuk-Fü artists and various collaborations in cinema or TV series (he has directed the musical score of the Serpent with a thousand cuts by Eric Valette, participate in the music of the last Arielle Domsbale or in the American series How to get away with a Murderer)

GYRLS is a hub of influence ranging from the most obscure electronic music to the most written Pop, including all of Bass Music culture. GYRLS is also a tribute to all women who do not meet established standards and societal conventions.

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