Sydney Valette

30 years of a tumultuous life made Sydney Valette the man he is today, and his music the great escape that we’re dragged in. Gabber, punk, transe, garage, even jazz - the Other Side LP showcases a wide stylistic and emotional range.


In 4 albums, Sydney has mastered this synthetic pop full of brash keyboards, somewhere between candor, nostalgia and solemnity. This inner turmoil is toned down on stage, where Sydney’s gigs emanate a much stronger punk energy. His show-man reputation has already been confirmed in the many Parisian venues he’s been playing for more than 6 years, as well as in Asia where he’s toured in 2013, or in Montreal where he’s been staying for a little while. Expect 2018 to be a very exciting year, with a Eurasian Tour on schedule and, already another new album for February 2018.

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